→Performance with DaeWoo Chorus
  →Performance for the memory of Okayama Olympic
  →Performance with Chung-Ang Korean Traditional Music Orchestra
  →Performance in the closing ceremony of the 88 Seoul Olympic
  →Performance with Seoul municipal Korean Traditional Music Orchestra
  →Performance with KBS Korean Traditional Music Orchestra
  →Performance for the opening of Tokyo's arts theater
  →Performance in the concert of '93 Sunday Masters & Singers
  →Young shin Lee's Recital (1st)
  →Performance with Kwang-Ju municipal Korean Traditional Music Orchestra
  →Performance for the 2nd anniversary of Urisori Hall
  →Performance in the Yosu Environmental Music Festival

→Performance for the 50th National Liberation Day

→Provincial Performances around the United Kingdom

→Performance at the '95 Seoul Korean Traditional Music Festival

→Performance for the memory of Dong-Cho, Yeonsoo Kim

→Performance with Nan-Kyo Korean Traditional Music Orchestra
  → Performance at the Seoul Concert of Young Korean Traditional Musicians

→Young shin Lee's Recital (2nd)

→Performances in Germany & France
  →Performance for the 10th anniversary of National Korean
Traditional Music Institute

→Special Performance in Jeonjoo - Daesasoup
( most famous Korean Traditional Music Contest)

→Performance at the Pusan Concert of Young Korean Traditional Musicians

→Young shin Lee's Recital (3th)

→Performances in U.S.A. & Canada
  →Young shin Lee's Recital (4th)

→Performance at Dijon Folk Festival in France

→Performance at 44th Paek-Je Culture Seminar

→Performance at Korea Traditional Drum Contest

→Performance at Three Musician's Night

→Performance at K-TV(Korea National Cinema TV)

special program called " Our Music and Our Dance "

→Performance for UNICEF at Seoul in Korea

→Young shin Lee's Recital (5th) " The Day with Kayagum "

→Performance at Brisbane World Music Festival in Australia

Performance at Canberra Festival in Australia

→Performance at Seminar on Park Pal Gye's music
  →Performance at Noosa(Austrailia) in Korea Day Festival

→ Performance for the opening of Masrer Pieces of the Chosun Dynasty

(Queensland Art Gallery Hall )
  →Performance at Chrismas Gala Concert

(Queensland Old Museum Concert Hall )
  →Performance at Korean Gala Concert ( Canberra , Australia )


→Performance at Korean Seminar in Gliffith Univ.( Brisbane , Australia )


→Performance at Korean Seminar in Monash Univ. ( Melborn , Australia )



→Performance at Korean Seminar in Monash Univ. ( Melborn , Australia )


→Performance at World cup closing ceremonies ( Yokohama, Japan )


→Performance at Korean Music in Jokyung Art University ( Kyoto, Japan )


→Performance at Korea-Japan Producer Symposium ( Daemado, Japan )


→Performance at Korean Music in Jokyung Art University ( Kyoto, Japan )


→Performance at KBS Concert for children ( KBS Concert Hall )


→Performance at United National Day ( UN HQ , USA )



→Performance at South Korea (Seoul, Pusan, Kwangju, Daejeon)



→Performance for the memory of Dong-Cho, Yeonsoo Kim (National Theater, Seoul)


→Performance at Pansori - Chun HyangGa in EWha Women's University (Seoul)



→Performance at the royal palace music concert (Seoul)


→Performance for UNICEF (Seoul)


→Performance at the international advertising forum (Singapore)


→Performance with Seoul Korean traditional music orchestra(Seoul)



→Performance at the celebration concert of Korea-Japan publishing
  (Tokyo, Japan)


→Performance at the opening concert of Korean cultural center ( sahalin,


→Performance at Uri-rythm and Uri-sound ( Chung ju, South Korea)


→Performance with Sung-Nam Korean traditional music orchestra(Sungnam , South Korea)


→Performance at Pansori - SugoongGa in EWha Women's University (Seoul)


→Performance with Daejeon Yeonjung Korean traditional music
orchestra(Daejeon , South Korea)



→Performance at KBS concert for New-Year (KBS - TV)


→Performance at KBS special concert for greeting spring (KBS - TV)


→Performance at the cultural night of Azerbaijan (Seoul, Korea)


→Young shin Lee's Recital (5th) " Soritori-Garak tarae "




→Performance at Gaya festival (Gym hae)


→Performance at Asian music festival (Paris, France)


→Performance at World Korean leader conference (Seoul, Korea)


→Performance at Hyang-Sa music festival (Seoul)


→Performance at king's palace of music festival (Seoul)


→Performance at Oh-jung-suk memorial (Go-heung, Korea)


→Performance at modern musician festival (Pyung-chon, Korea)




→Performance at Venice Biennale (Jenova, Italy)


→Performance at the cultural exchange between Korea and Turkey(Melbourn, Austalia)


→Performance at the first anniversary of the founding of Sori-tarae Gayagum-Byung chang Group(kukak dang, namsan , Seoul)

→Performance at Queensland Korean orchestra Gala Concert
(Queensland Brisbane John Cathedral , Australia)


→Performance at 7th Korean Gayagum Great Festival
(Kwang-ju Art center , Kwang-ju Korea)


→Performance at Black Sea Culture Festival
(National Theater , Seoul Korea)

→Performance at 2010 Suk-gayeon Friendship Concert
(Budong Jidong Hall , Namsan gukak dang, Seoul Korea)

→Performance at 36th Jeon-ju Dae-Sa-Seup Festival (Jeon-ju Korea)

→Performance at 50th Foundation Ceremony of Traditional Art School
(Seoul Korea)

→Performance at National Art Festival (KBS hall, Seoul Korea)

→Performance at 2010 Our garak Our madang
(Dae-jeon , Korea)


→Performance at 50th  Korea-Australia friendship Festival

(Nam san Traditional Hall, Seoul Korea)

→Performance at Lee Young-Sin recital and Sori-tare Garak-tare
(Busan Traditional Hall, Busan Korea)

→Performance at Night of Hyang-ga in Lee Young-Sin recital
(National Traditional Hall of WooMyunDang, Seoul Korea)

→Performance at New Year ceremony Night of Korean Community
(Fukuoka Japan)

→Performance at Sori-tare Garak-tare (Seoul Korea)

→Performance in Hawaii (4.15 ~ 4.21)

→Performance in Japan (5.15 ~ 5.17)

→Performance in Turkey (5.30 ~ 6.7)

→Performance in Seattle, USA (6.25 ~ 7.1)

→Performance in Tailand (November)

→Performance in Japan (November)

→Performance in USA (12.1 ~ 12.6)

→Performance in Oxford, UK (5.23 ~ 5.31)

→Performance in LA and Sanfrancisco, USA (9.15 ~ 9.26)

→Performance in Hawaii (6.4 ~ 6.11)

→Performance in Italy (10.1 ~ 10.10)

→Performance in Turkey (11.26 ~ 12.4)

→Performance in Italy (11.25 ~ 11.28)

→Performance in Turkey (11.28 ~ 12.2)

→Performance in Armenia (10.28 ~ 10.30)

→Performance in Moscow, Russia (10.30 ~ 11.3)

→Performance in Caraman and Bodrum, Turkey (11.3 ~ 11.11)

→Performance at 10th Sori-tare Garak-tare in Seoul, Korea (12.3)

→Performance at Bullaksa in Ceremony of Budda's day (4.30, Korea)

→Performance at MyongIn's Homage in EarlsooMaroo Hall (4.24, Korea)

→Performance at 100th Birth Ceremony of Park-Guihee
(5.13, National Traditional Hall, WooMyeondang, Seoul korea)

→Performance at Bullaksa in Ceremony of Budda's day (5.19, Korea)

→Performance at 47th Jeon-ju Dae-Sa-Seup Festival (5.29, Jeon-ju Korea)